The Squad is Back!

At long last I finally managed to do something! Remember that post I made a while back about the Pretty Girl Scrub Squad podcast that I dug up and I thought I had abandoned? Well I got together with my old middle school/high school pals Kelly (aka Keri) and Crystal (aka Rayne) where we start talking about our experience as adults playing video games.

Throwback Thursday everyone!

The Story

We’ve been friends for about 14-15 years and attended school together. Our full story contains a lot of hijinks and weird terminology and we’ll need a whole episode to discuss our origin stories. All of us are of various levels of strange and unusual but take a lot of pride in ourselves and our geekiness.

The podcast’s main focus is video games but you can expect us to delve off into tangents involving manga, comics, and other geek-based activities. You can also expect a few solo episodes from each of us where we rant about our various niches. I promise we’re working on it! As we go along you can expect the quality to increase and hopefully we’ll get some live action episodes on YouTube.

We do have plans for various themed episodes in the future. The episode release schedule is kind of iffy because we have to work out or recording times. I don’t have a lot of experience with editing audio but there’s no time like the present, amirite? As of my writing this we’ve recorded our first episode around 8 this morning. Give us a listen because we’ve got more where that came from!

Season 1 Episode 1

Here’s the start of the new season where we are actually talking about ourselves and our relationship with video games. We have over 10 years experience playing video games and we all have our favorite franchises that we hold close to our hearts. We discuss video games, cosplay, and our lovely pets!

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