New Computer Update!

While COVID has been wrecking havoc across the nation I’ve largely been staying indoors and working on side projects and figuring out how to keep myself busy so I don’t go insane. While I have a new computer to help me churn my work out faster, I still have a hard time figuring out which tasks I want to complete first.

Well now that narrows it down.

So as of late I’ve been throwing stuff around to see what sticks. And while I’ve been downloading programs and customizing my interfaces I uncovered my old account where I wholly intended to have an entire podcast channel dedicated to older women (25+ yrs) who want to get into gaming and their entire experiences learning the ropes. You can listen to me talking by myself at the end of this post.

Do I plan on making an entire series out of this? I don’t know. When I started it I had a passion for games and playing them no matter what age I am. I wanted to encourage women of all ages to play games and enjoy them no matter how bad they are. The whole point is to have fun, which is why I called it Pretty Girl Scrub Squad.

I even created merch!

The term “Scrub” is a term used for someone who isn’t good at video games. I don’t consider myself to be anywhere near good at them and I suck at games that aren’t hack n slash. FPS (first person shooters) are an absolute nightmare for me and I’m BAD at aiming.

Ana I ain’t.

But somehow, I still manage to have fun even when I suck. The last time I rage quit a game was when I was fighting Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts 2. I have to say I tried 33 times before I finally beat him and I called my friend Keri screaming about my victory. That was EXTREMELY satisfying! And now with my new computer, I can sink to new lows and suck even more. I hear that playing League of Legends sucks your soul and crushes it under the weight of your ineptitude, so I think I’ll start there. Or…I can just play the Sims and make people burn to death as I have a terrible god complex that must be sated.

I know, it needs work.

One thought on “New Computer Update!

  1. The niche of over-25 year-old women getting into gaming actually sounds pretty damn awesome, and I’m hoping you can make something out of that one. Enjoy your new PC! I guess I should start getting a console/PC of some sort in preparation for Cyberpunk 2077 too.

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