Aaaand we’re live!

It took a little while but I’ve finally put together a little writing Patreon where I can share updates on my novel! I never thought I’d take the time out to make one but I think it will be a way for me to keep track of my writing and hopefully get myself published!

Please clap. I need the approval

How does this work?

Taken From my Patreon Page:

About the Patreon
This Patreon will not be used to gain funds for publishing the book as it is a current work in progress. Instead the tiers are separated by how much you are invested in them. 

  • Updates will be bi-weekly and monthly and will include special additions to each tier.
  • As the novel nears closer to completion, higher reward tiers will be added for those who want extra bonuses.

About the Book
The current working title is “A Sign of Times and Seasons” and falls under the Urban Fantasy/Erotica tags. If you’re not into either of those genres this book will not be for you. The book will also contain topics like:

  • Supernatural Violence
  • Depression and Alcoholism
  • Sex (it is part erotica)
  • Navel-Gazing and Existential Pondering

Imani Cross has noticed that her quiet town has gotten a little bit quieter recently. People are moving away and not a lot has been going on since she divorced her husband out of boredom. Alone and cut off from those she cared about most she tries to navigate the suddenly-empty world. Now if only she could shake those whispers in her ear and those awful headaches!And then there’s that mushroom ring in the park…

Pricing of Tiers

Because this novel is a work in progress I will only be charging $1, $2, and $3 tiers. Each level will have little perks such as official character art and special Q&A with different characters. I’m trying not to make too many perks with this until I really get the ball rolling. I do plan on adding things such as merch, pins, and naming characters/places after patrons who reach a certain level. I may add a $5 tier towards the end when I get closer to finishing the novel proper and start an official crowdfunding campaign in order to get my work published and in your hands as a reward for your dedication.


I plan on updating bi-weekly/monthly. Since I’m just one writer things can get a little hectic when I get writer’s block. I want to be sure I give myself enough time to gather up all my rewards and have them published on time. As I become more comfortable with coming up with rewards and scheduling new things, the quality of the Patreon will go up and hopefully it will become more enjoyable for everyone.

Every once and a while I’ll end up not updating until the very end of the month. This will usually be from me working through a block or working extra hard to have plenty of content to drop at once.

What You Can Expect

Since the novel is supernatural in nature there will be lots of little things littered about. You can expect to see things like:

  • Official Character Art
  • Character Profiles
  • Q&A sessions for characters
  • Polls
  • Maps
  • Trivia

I can’t share all the details since I want to keep lots of things secret in the hopes you’ll be more interested in the novel itself. I will probably release all the chapters I have written so far on so that way everyone is able to read what has happened so far.

I do plan on being heavily involved with my Patreon and I’ll do my best to interact with every single one of you so that way this doesn’t come across as impersonal. I’m a real person here writing in real time. I’m not a bot, I promise!


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